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Valentine’s Rosette

15 Feb

Is there anything worse than a head cold? I have felt so miserable since the weekend that even my baking had to take a back seat. You know I’m feeling lousy when I’m not in the mood for playing with cake.

Instead of a cake recipe, this week I’d like to show you a really easy icing technique which looks as if you spent hours on it. It’s always impressive and couldn’t be simpler. I started out by making a pair of beat n mix chocolate cakes from the easy peasy recipe given previously. While the cakes cool on the rack prepare the icing.

Make up a quantity of butter icing. You will need 150 g softened butter and 300 g icing sugar. beat the butter well until smooth and soft and creamy then beat in the icing sugar until thoroughly combined. It needs to be glossy but not too soft. If you think it feels too soft, add icing sugar, a teaspoon at a time, until a stiffish consistency is reached. Now pop a few spoonfulls into an icing bag or syringe type icer, with a large star-shaped nozzle.

Starting from the outside of the first cake pipe circles of starryblobs. Leave about a centimetre between each circle. Do the same on the other cake.

icing rosette 1When you have iced concentric circles of creamy white icing on both cakes, you’ll find you still have some icing in the bowl, and to this you’ll need to add 3 tablespoons sifted cocoa. Beat well until the icing turns a luscious chocolaty colour.

Now wash out the icing bag/syringe and nozzle, dry thoroughly, and fill with the brown icing. Pipe concentric circles in the spaces on both cakes.

rosette icing 2Now, very carefully, lift one of the cakes and set it down on top of the other. Decorate with sprinkles or heart-shaped chocolates or whatever takes your fancy. When slices are cut, you’ll have alternating “stripes” of yummy brown and white icing, and everyone will think you’re terribly clever!

rosette icing 3

To ring the changes, this icing also works beautifully with a plain sponge cake. Flavour half the icing with a few drops of vanilla and the remainder with a spoonfull or two of lemon curd! Yum.

rosette icing 4

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