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Cookie-maker Cookies

8 Dec

When it comes to retro kitchen gadgets, you don’t get much more retro than the old cookie maker. These over-sized syringes with a variety of inter-changeable cutters were, apparently, quite the rage in the seventies kitchen. My mum had one and she adored using it, and happily it now lives in my kitchen,  still in its original box, along with all its oddly-shaped attachments. And unlike many of these old gadgets which were bought and seldom used, this one gets  used a great deal.

Similar, more sleek, more modern cookie makers are available, and if you have one, you’ll find this recipe works brilliantly. If you don’t have a cookie maker, fear not, use the same recipe, only roll out balls of dough, place on a lined baking sheet, press down lightly with a fork and bake in exactly the same way as I suggest in the recipe.

Here goes…the quantities given make an enormous batch of about 60 little biscuits.  They keep really well in an  air-tight tin, but if it all sounds a bit much, the recipe can be easily halved. It’s a very old recipe and the quantities are given in pounds and ounces! It’s one of the few occasions I get to set my scales to Imperial measures – enjoy!


1/2 pound butter
6 ounces sugar
2 eggs
teaspoon vanilla
14 ounces flour
2 ounces cornflour
pinch of salt
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder

Extras…chocolate to melt, glace cherries, hundreds and thousands, choccie sprinklies, anything and everything!


Oven 220 C

  1. Cream the butter and the sugar together until lovely and light and fluffy.
  2. Add the eggs and vanilla and beat well.
  3. Sift the dry ingredients together and add to the mixture, little by little, until well incorporated. You should have a dry-ish, fairly firm dough. Add a little more flour if it’s too soft.
  4. Now form the dough into sausages and fill a cookie maker. Make sure your hands are cool and work with the dough as little as possible.
  5. Press through the cookie maker onto lined baking sheet
  6. Bake in a hot oven for 7 – 10 minutes. Keep an eye on them; don’t let them get too brown, a nice golden biscuity colour is what we’re after.
  7. Now the fun starts. Decorate with coloured icings, cherries, nuts, dip them in melted chocolate, whatever takes your fancy!
Here they are, ready and waiting to be popped into a hot oven…

And here is a batch, freshly baked…

And finally, once they’ve cooled down I let my creative juices flow and get busy with decorating them… fancy a nice cup of tea, anyone?

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