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Nintendo DS Birthday Cake

15 Apr

Nintendo Cake

My son turns twenty-one this month and despite being a legal adult in terms of years, he remains, like most blokes, a little boy at heart.  He’s been a fan of Nintendo gaming for as long as I can remember, so when it came to a cake for his 21st I hit upon the idea of a DS, a handheld gaming gadget which he loves very much. His first ever DS was ice blue which is the colour I chose for the icing. His current one is black, not so nice for a cake!

I started by making a giant brownie. I trimmed the edges and cut it in half…

And then I spent hours rolling out white fondant icing and colouring it with drops of blue food colouring, drop by drop, until I got the right shade.

Getting the cake to stand up saw me resorting to Blue Peter construction tricks. And old cardboard box provided the support for  the back. To get the speaker holes I used a three-tined cake fork, and the control buttons are mini Smarties. The cross-shaped control button was just cut out of left-over icing. I finished off with smooth squares of foil to resemble the screens and some “Mario” badges for a bit of fun.

I’m happy to report that the cake was well received 🙂

Happy birthday my darling boy, and many, many more.

Peter 21 - Nintendo cake


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