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“Poor is the pupil who does not exceed his master,”… Leonardo

3 Mar


The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a lack of Cakealogue posts of late. It’s true, I’ve not done any baking since the end of December. And I’ve not done any thinking about baking either. The reason is simple – I realised,  towards the end of 2012 that I had gained a lot of weight. I was looking like a hippo  Action was required and that meant changing the way I ate. Sadly it also meant no baking – at least for a few months.

My family and regular cake testers have been supportive because they have seen the transformation. At least it’s the start of the transformation. I have some way to go yet.

But as I write this I am smugly aware that there’s 12kg less of me than there was on the 31st December 2012. Hopefully, by the middle of May another 12 kg will have gone. For good.

Baking, much as I love it, was doing me no favours. It’s not that I even eat what I bake! It’s the tasting and the testing along the way that did it.

The Cakefans have been reassured though, that I will bake over the Easter holidays when the university bunch are back in town. In fact this year’s Cake challenge has already been set and accepted, so watch this space. A friend has suggested I blog about losing weight – a sort of Slimalogue – and I might just do it. Unless anyone thinks it’s a horribly boring topic to read about…

Meanwhile, the pans and measures at Cakealogue Towers have been in action once again. My elder son wanted to bake a cake as a treat for his lovely girlfriend, and so, under my watchful eye, he mixed, baked, decorated and presented a superb   chocolate  cake. He used my Beat and Mix easy peasy chocolate cake recipe, substituting dark molasses sugar for regular caster sugar, which resulted in deep, dark, caramelly splodges. He sandwiched the two halves with Nutella and then topped it with butter cream into which he’d mixed cocoa powder and  another spoonful of Nutella.

The result looked stunning. And apparently it tasted gorgeous too. But I have to rely on reports because I didn’t get to try it!


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