29 Sep

My elder son has recently bought his first car. Soon after getting it home, his friend noticed the letters B and U and G in the number plate and so the little car has been named Bugby. It seemed appropriate that I mad a car themed cake for his birthday and so the challenge of the month was a Bugby cake. I first thought about sculpting the car shape from a number of square and rectangular cakes, but then I discovered a car-shaped mold on the internet and decided that it was worth the investment. It’s a great little cake tin and I think I’ll get a lot of use from it.

I made a bog standard beat and mix chocolate cake, my usual recipe which is always so successful. The first attempt however was a disaster. Despite greasing and spraying the tin, the cake refused to come out. It sat in the tin, clinging on to the sides until as a last resort I scraped it out with a spoon and ended up using the chucks as the base of a trifle..

It wasn’t just the car cake that was a disaster. I’d also made a round chocolate cake as we were expecting quite  a few guests, and as it was cooling, one foot of the cooling rack slipped off the kitchen counter and the entire cake slid, n slow motion, onto the floor…..

There was nothing I could do but start all over again and pretend it hadn’t happened. Car cake round 2 worked perfectly.


Turned out beautifully! I used a little warm apricot jam to “glue” some pieces of foil into place to represent windows.

20130906_215624I used blue colouring to tint the butter cream and then piped rosettes onto the cake, covering every section except the tyres and the windows.



Red gel icing for the tail lights and a little card “number plate”.


A little gel icing for the head lights too…

20130906_222610I added some cocoa to a little plain butter cream for the tyres and for the hubcaps I used “Flying Saucers”. Yum.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here I am with the finished product 🙂







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