Crunchie Cake Challenge

6 Apr

One of my “other sons” has a habit of setting me unusual baking challenges. Last year he wanted a Creme Egg cake for Easter. This year he requested a Crunchie Cake. A cake which would in every way resemble the chocolate bar of the same name. I accepted the challenge!

Crunchie Cake

I decided on a chocolate loaf cake which I would sandwich together with honeycomb. Ah, yes honeycomb. I’ve never made it before but did a fair bit of online research – how difficult could it be? Then I went into full-on Heston Blumenthal mode and before long the kitchen resembled a laboratory and I looked like some crazed, apron-wearing scientist.

Honeycomb? Epic FAIL!

Perhaps I was a bit nervous of the bubbling boiling sugar when I added the bicarbonate of soda and perhaps I took it off the heat too soon, whatever the reason, my first attempt was a resounding FAIL! But I tried again and voila, a perfect layer of honeycomb, light and golden, which looked exactly like the stuff you find inside a Crunchie bar.

Honeycomb? SUCCESS!

The next part was easy. I made a nice dark chocolate loaf cake. When it was cool I sliced it in half horizontally and sandwiched it together with gorgeousness that is honeycomb!

Crunchie cake under construction

Iced and ready!

I then smothered the cake in melted milk chocolate and left it to set.

Tadaa! Here we have it. A cake that tastes remarkably like a bar of Crunchie – only with about a squillion more calories.

Happy sugar overload!


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