Eaten too much cake?

17 Jan

OK, I know this is a cakefan’ s blog and that my life revolves around reading recipes when not actually baking, and planning my next cake even when I’m eating one. However, the beginning of the year usually means one thing – evidence of over-indulgence. We’re all guilty (what do you mean you’re not?) of a little excess during the Christmas and new year holidays, and the combination of lousy weather here in the northern hemisphere and loads of delicious things to nibble on from cakes to savoury snacks…oh, it’s all too much. I always start the year with a spare tyre and good intentions. To make matters worse I have a fitness fanatic of a son who seems to be able to eat anything and everything and moans because he doesn’t gain weight. Sigh.

This year, things have started differently. Fitness fanatic son has written a book on getting mean, lean and fit, and I have been his guinea pig. Or ‘test subject’, which sounds a bit better. And oh my word, I never thought I’d say this but a) I’m enjoying the workouts and b) they seem to be working. Wow.

So please forgive me if I place a little advertisement here for his eBook. It’s a great read and well worth buying. He is a massive fan of my baking, so the least I can do is use my blog to promote his website and eBook.

See – you can eat all the cake you want and still look like this!



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